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Mine was about $249 back in 1978 when I bought it. It is above a new Colt Series 70 in SS. Back in 1978 I had it ported, meaning the ejection port opened up, throated, meaning the barrel opened up. The only way I could shoot a .45 back then was by casting bullets and reloading. Also had better sights put on. I also put on a long trigger and flat MSH. I still have the original MSH and trigger, but for the rest there is no going back. I carried it for years and it now has over 40K rounds through it with the collet barrel bushing. It is semi retired now and I do not shoot it a lot. On the SS new Series 70 I did change out the grips for some I bought off the Colt website. I see these old guys go for $600-800 if in nice shape with NIB in the over $1K area, which is surprising since the new ones are a little over $1K and are very nice.

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