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Being a gunsmith does not make you an expert on non-gunsmithing gun lore.
This gunsmith is talking through his hat.

Colt did not delete the "S" and "A" from serial numbers on custom order guns because per the Gun Control Act of the 1960's all firearms made after that have to have a unique serial number.
This means that Colt does not recycle older serial numbers.

Colt will stamp a unique custom serial number on a gun but it has to be something using letters and numbers and not an existing serial.
As example, John D. Jones wants a custom number. Number 1234 will not be acceptable because Colt will have already used it sometime in the past. JDJ1234 would be acceptable as long as no one else asked for it first.

So, all this means that you have a Colt First Generation Single Action Army, made in 1920.
This would be a smokeless frame model, using the push button cylinder retention.

I am NOT a Single Action expert, so this info is from The Blue Book of Gun Values:
1920 was a significant year for the SAA. That year is considered to be the end of the "cowboy era" in SAA revolvers.
During the 1908 to 1920 period many changes were made in the SAA, changing features like the black powder rifling and changing to a higher front sight. Since the 1840's Colt revolver serial numbers were stamped on the outside of the back strap and trigger guard. Beginning in 1914 the numbers began to be shifted to underneath the grips where they weren't visible.
This move was completed in 1920 in the late 338,000 range.

The Blue Book shows values of guns by the amount of ORIGINAL finish remaining.
For a 380,000 range gun values start around $1,800 for a gun in 10% condition up to over $16,000 in 98%.
Your gun may have been refinished, due to what appears to be pitting under the blue in spots.
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