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Another high sales price from a seller who did not know what he was selling

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not just that, you have to wonder if the buyer knew what he bought too :bang_wall:
Well he didn't need to sure worked out in his favor :cool: :cool: :cool:
OK, I'll bite. Since it's "almost outed" anyway, what's the deal? Owned by Clint Eastwood or something? I don't buy Pythons or the other extremely expensive, modern Colts, but 3 grand seems like a ton to me.
ouch! $3300 for a 1979 python. nice revolver but not $3300 nice. the seller is smiling all the way to the bank.
If it was a E nickel, isn't that still a high price to pay??
He really didn't know. First he thought it was e-nickel then he referred to it as polished nickel. It is standard nickel, not polished stainless. It probably should have sold for $2700-3000 but a small bidding war emerged. Nice Python though!
A little on the pricey side for me but not by too much. The gun appears to have a nickel finish, unfired and has custom shop sights. I'd been bidding if it had the box to go with it...
At this point, better to buy a python at a gunshow, than GB.
Doest the sideplate look like its been removed and put back poorly? You can easily see the outline and i dont recall being able to see it that easily on the other pictures ive seen
First, let me preface my question by saying I am DEFINITELY no expert, but it looks like there is a ring around each muzzle end of each chamber that I can see. That says to me each chamber has been fired. Is that what they look like even if only fired once? I'm looking for more education here, so, please, correct me if I'm wrong.
Based on the pictures, I thought that every other cylinder chamber had been fired.
Here is a picture of what I believe to be my "once fired" at factory Python


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Here is a picture of what I believe to be my "once fired" at factory Python
I agree, "Factory Test Fired"...
It looks like every other chamber was fired to me. Is that normal?
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