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Here is another high priced nickel Viper, sold without a Colt Letter and with dubious packaging. The seller was careful not to promote this Colt as "NIB" or "original" box and paperwork. Rather, the seller was satisfied knowing someone would come along and not ask the obvious questions.

For those that are interested in knowing what is curious about this sale... the manual and box label are reproductions from Vikrant. Colt did not produce a 1970s D Frame manual with "Viper" listed on the front cover. Regarding the label, among other things wrong, notice the laughable incorrect Model Number. The little plastic paperwork bag and accompanying red tape was not part of Colt packaging when the first series, 1978 Vipers were produced and sold.

Who knows if the Viper is authentic. Without a Colt Letter, how can someone pay $3000 for a package that includes so many defects?

No Letter... No Viper!

Colt Viper Nickel, NOT Python or Diamondback : Revolvers at
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