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Another new member form Ohio

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Hello all! First Forum ever joined, first post ever! I have a dozen or so Colts and can't wait to share 'em...once I figure how to upload them.
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Welcome From Pennsylvania!
Welcome fromTexas.
So glad you joined us! Welcome to the Colt Forum, yell if you need any help!
Welcome to the Forum from the Gunshine State, parachute 76! First, I'd like to shout out a big "Hooooaaaah!" and thank you for your military service to our great nation. It's a privilege to have you join us as your first forum and also your first post. As you know, with a dozen or so Colts already, you're hooked for life. We look forward to seeing them. Enjoy the ride!
Excuse me while I try some of the features on posting...

Gun Firearm Revolver Trigger Starting pistol


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Welcome to the forum and the growing number of Ohio members. I am in the southwest portion of Ohio, third cornfield on the right, just past the bend in the road. Surrounded by towns like Dayton, Springfield, Donnelsvile, New Carlisle, etc.
Welcome from SC!
Those are sharp. Welcome to the forum from the Heart of Dixie!
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