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Another New Member from Texas!

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Hello to everyone.

I just recently came into possession of 2 Colts (a Double Eagle in .45 ACP and a Defender in .40 S&W) so I figure I need to be somewhere I can find out more about them.

I'm 57, been married 33 years, and am a Coal Miner/Heavy Equipment Operator. I look forward to being here.

Thanks for having me.
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Welcome to the forum from a fellow texan.
Welcome from SC
Welcome from nc
Lots of smart and helpful folks here. Learn something every time I check in. Welcome from West Texas.
Welcome from another Texan...West Texan at that. Enjoy the forum and the great bunch of folks that are well versed in the Colt firearm :)
Welcome to the Colt forum from Arizona.
Welcome to the Forum with your two soon-to-be-many Colts, Rodney. Glad you could join in with us in the "addiction." Enjoy!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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