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Any Colt Collectors Association members here?

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I am looking for additional information on Colt collecting, especially post war Colts, revolvers paticularly. I have been looking for books and such and find a void. I thought I would join the Colt Collectors Association, and wanted to get members input as to whether I would find information there. Does CCA focus on Single Action Army and high $$$ black powder guns or do they spread the articles in their magizine around to include the newer stuff too? Are there any other benefits to being a member. I would appreciate any input you have or any other suggestions for sources of learning. Frankly, I have learned more from the internet, than any place else!
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SC: I am a life member of the CCA. I think it is worthwhile, particularly for the Club magazine, the Rampant Colt, which often features excellent articles and info that are not obtainable anywhere else. I like Colt DAs and autos myself and have little appetite for black powder/percussion/SA guns. I must say that there has been some criticism in the past, justified in my view, that the CCA is dominated by guys who are SA fanatics. However, there are many other members, guys like Woodsman expert Bob Rayburn or M1911 expert Scott Meadows or Jim Supica, who have broader or different interests and who manage to keep the Association from becoming the SA Society. Another benefit is the excellent members only all Colt show. This year it was in Tampa. I went and enjoyed it thoroughly, although I bought not a single gun. I did, however, hook up with a number of other members who I enjoyed exchanging views and info with. Bottom line: if you are looking for Colt info it is one of the few really great sources around. It is especially worthwhile if you are a SA guy, but there is room for all and new members are all welcome. I commend it to you, and anyone else who has more than a passing interest in Colts. Charlie Flick CCA/SWCA/NRA
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