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Any word on return of the 380 Government Model?

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It appears Colt is making a fair number of the Mustang Pocketlites and the new polymer version. Prices are coming down on Gunbroker and LGS. The next logical steps would be the return of the da Pony ,and the full size Government Versions. Anybody hear anything from Colt sources?
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i would like to see that as well,
Dream on, Lawman67!
The reason I posted this topic was due to the introduction of the polymer version ,and the increasing production of the alloy version. I do not agree with the style of the alloy version. It offers nothing that could not have been done to the alloy pistol. A polymer pistol ,especially with the large trigger guard ,would have been a better platform for the Pony da version. That being said, if Colt is attempting to get back into the ccw market, they should increase the lineup to include the full size Gvernment variations. With only slight changes and commonality of parts ,the 380 lineup should mirror the !911 Government lineup, where you have the Defender ,Commander , Government , Agent and Gold Cup variations. My suggestions to Colt ,a 380 blue steel Government version and a Pocketlite stainless and alloy version for starters.
I am seeing a lot more Mustang380andthe new polymer version,so I believe more variations of the 380 are coming. Aim betting Colt will try to get back into concealedcarry market this way. If they are a little more aggressive I could see double action versions as well as larger versions for 9mm
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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