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Anyone recently receive their Python back from Colt?

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just checking on how long it took for a tune and refinish...

I have a 1964 6" blued that needs some attention.

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Sent mine back for a timing issue and it took 3 months.
it took me 1 year and 2 weeks just got it back last week
May I suggest sending it to Frank Glenn for the tune-up and leave the finish as is.Frank did my Python in two weeks from check out to check in and that included replacing the hammer.Does fantastic work.JMO D*
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that included replacing the hammer.
Hah ... d.a.r.y.l. got hammered☺
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I saw a post on calguns showing some horrible results with a refinish from colt
I sent my 1st Python back to Colt for a refinish in the early 90's. I used it for PPC (distinguished revolver) and it had holster wear only. It was a perfect candidate for a dings, pitting or damage, just holster wear from drawing and holstering in matches. Colt destroyed my gun; edges were buffed over, Pony half-gone, screw-holes deeply dished, lettering almost buffed out. It was ruined. I sold it. I've since looked over (carefully) several refinished examples and the workmanship is a good as mine was bad. I'd have no problem sending in a Python for a refinish now.
My 1938 OP Is in for service they sais five months...
thanks guys - this one just needs timing - not a re-finish
I submitted a Cobra earlier this year that was going out of time and it took them nearly 7 months to get it back to me.

BTW - when they ship it back to you they send it requiring a direct signature unless you specify otherwise. In my case only an 'indirect signature' works as I am not home during regular business hours. I would call customer service ahead of time and let them know if you need that option.
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