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AR-15 rifle identification help needed.

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Hi, I recently bought a colt AR-15 rifle. I have searched everywhere for information
on this model, and have found only a little about it. I have found it is an AR 6700,
post ban law enforcement rifle. I have only seen photos of 2 other rifles like this.
I am trying to find any info and would especially like to find out if anyone knows
how many where produced. I checked the serial number at Colt. but no info returned.
The two other guns show a 1996 and 2000 date of production. Here are some pictures.

Thanks Mark

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I am also interested in ways to date and identify AR's. What would be a good book on AR's to get?
I've not seen that combination of markings, Colt's Manufacturing on one side & Restricted on the other.
Usually, a Competition or HBAR model will be stamped Colt's Manufacturing as a "civilian" gun.
Most Restricted markings on one side will have Colt Defense stampings on the other side, and some form of LE or military (as in M4) marking on that same side, as far as the ones I've seen go.
The civilian version of your LE rifle is the model R6700 except the civilian version does not have the bayonet lug and no LE restricted markings on the right side magwell, also the serial number prefix of the civilian AR does not have the L letter, only the CH prefix.

The civilian model R6700 Competition HBAR rifles was produced from 1992 up to when it was replaced by the Match Target series model MT6700 during the assault weapons ban in 1994, the Match Target model does not have the A2 flash suppressor to comply with the law.

Most modern Colt models have date stamp (month and year) under the handguards behind the front sight, if yours don't have it they probably had not stared stamping those models.

There are two good books about the history of the M-16/ AR-15 the early models are in the "The Black Rifle" book by RB Stevens & EC Ezell, then the modern models are covered in the book "Black Rifle II" by CR Bartocci.

If you did not get any info here try to post it at at the Colt Industry forum (not the technical AR Discussions forum), there are a lot of members there that might have a similar model as yours.
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I forgot about the date code. It is stamped 9/97. From what I have been able to learn these were made after the 1994 ban and discontinued after 2000/2001. I will repost this over at Never knew there was a colt area there, thanks. I have the first black rifle book, but not Black Rifle II, does anyone know if these rifles are covered in it? Thanks again guys.

To get to the Colt forum on AR-15 forum, look at the tabs at the top of the page.
The last tab is "Industry". Under the Industry tab are all the AR rifle and accessories manufacturers forums, including Colt.
You can also usually post in the standard AR-15 tab area.
I know this is an old thread...but why the .223 cal marking and not 5.56...was this some sort of advertising/export ploy...its for LE and military use but marked for .223 cal which indicates it would be a "civilian" version(??) Can anyone update me on why they were stamped this way?? Also note the screw instead of the front take down pin used on current productions...just very curious...tks...BTW very nice Colt...wish it were mine!!!
Thanks, she is a beautiful rifle. I have 3 others with restricted marked lowers, and they all are marked .223. I may be wrong, but I believe that Colt marked them .223 because some of these were for export. Some other countries will not allow private ownership of weapons marked with a military caliber. Hopefully someone will come along who knows for sure.

Every one of this model, and the AR 6601 (the A2 version of this rifle) that I have seen photos of have the screw type front pin. As to why I don't know.

I posted over on and only got 1 reply. It was the owner of one of the two others I have seen. These seem pretty scarce. Black Rifle II ( I finally picked this up) lists it on page 277. Not much info and unfortunately, no info on production numbers. I guess I should pay for a letter from Colt. Maybe after the holidays. If I do I will post back what they say.
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