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Found this in some old notes, possibly of interest ---

My Father dealt in guns in Oklahoma in the 1950-60s. It was a kind of trading post dealing with 'estate' items,
Some '50s-'60s gun deals:

Colt SAAs, from old-brown to some-finish $25-50.
He traded six SAAs (common in OK) for six 1860 Colt percs (scarce inOK) with someone in Nebraska
Bought a Merwin Hulbert, earliest .44, 70% nickel with pearls, for $15 - - I still have it.
1886 Winchester, .36-56, rusty for $15, sent it to me in NY. I reblued it, had it rebored to .45-70 ($18),sold $95.
1873 Winchester, .32-20, 50%, with set-trigger, $30.
Bought a SAA old brown gun $25 with 2 digit s/n, sold it for $100

The major gun pub, 1960s, for the trader-dealer-collector was Shotgun News. You communicated by phone or mail, you traveled on gravel roads unless it was a US highway. Most attitude re guns was as an implement. People getting old, changing times - an old gun would bring a few dollars. A man with a job visiting farmers accumulated a huge collection with some fantastic pieces at rural Oklahoma prices.

Still 1960s, a dealer in Alabama, Walter Craig, in Shotgun News advertized batches of surplus imported stuff. Visiting an OK visit I bought six huge Gasser revolvers, welded them up solid mounted them on little wood plaques and sold them in NY at $25 at flea markets. He had a variety of dewat WW2 submachine guns for around $25 - a set eight as I recall at about $20 each.

Same 1960s, Long Island NY, my local gas station would sell stuff for customers. They once had a ‘somewhat’ dewatted Browning BAR with big hole drilled into the top of the chamber;, again a functional French Chauchat, $15 apiece. I cautioned about Fed Regs . Even legal guns could be risky in NY. I had a pistol license for my S&W .22-32. There was a lot of activity in illegal guns but my only risky event was buying a pretty good SAA from a man in our shops for $300 the day I left NY when I retired in 1981.

Here it is a few months later after my DIY TLC ---

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