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Are these "original" Python stocks?

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After looking at these stocks:Colt Python Revolver Grips w Gold Medallions Screw Old No Buy It Now | eBay

I sent the seller the following message:

"Dear Seller:

You represent these stocks as "Nice original finish." The pictured stocks do not have original finish. The original Colt finish was not nearly so glossy.

In addition, the bottom profile is rounded or crowned, indicating that the bottom has been sanded off sometime in the past, probably to remove damage from a drop. The bottom checkering line is far too close to the bottom of the stocks, indicating that material has been removed from the bottom.

To avoid misleading anyone, you should correct your listing to indicate that the stocks have been refinished.


Here is the "polite" response I received:

"I've owned more grips than you've ever seen. They have not been refinished.

Thanks for your 'expert' opinion."

Well, I have been looking at Python stocks for over fifty years, so I doubt that Travis is correct as to his numbers, but I solicit the opinions of other "experts" as to the originality of the stocks in the link.

After considering what I observed, and anything else you might observe, are the linked Python stocks "original?" If not, on what do you base your opinion? If so, on what do you base your opinion?

If anyone who thinks the stocks are not original wants to raise with Travis the features that cause you to conclude the stocks are not original, I would be interested to see how "polite" the response received is.

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I am no "Expert", but Yep definitely Refinished imo. Looks like I can see small scratches/sanding marks underneath the gloss, that's always a dead giveaway. There are a couple other things which make me believe refinish, like the back of them have been coated with some also and as you stated the High Gloss finish is wrong on those. By the response you got, Travis is either a ..... or a ....., well I will be nice :), and have no desire to speak with Travis either.
Why not send him a pic of what the grips should look like and explain in comparison to what you are speaking about. Point out the faults.
JudgeColt, I ride with you in pointing out the BS[flaws] in the advertisers description. With the response you got it would be a waste of time and intelligence to try to tell him anything. "Never try to teach a pig to sing,your efforts will only result in your frustration and making the pig angry." Good call sir! Nick
Too high a gloss and the inside of the grips have a coating of finish.

These have been refinished IMHO.

ETA: I also agree that the bottoms have had wood removed.

I don't know why he thinks these have not been is pretty obvious IMHO.
Hard to back up with facts just going off a pic but the finish looks "thick", re done, gussied up, changed, different, off, still nice, but not original.
Let's all Bombard this guy with emails explaining why his grips are refinished and then maybe next time he wants to misrepresent something to make a few bucks he will think...Do I want all those Emails????
Hard to back up with facts just going off a pic but the finish looks "thick", re done, gussied up, changed, different, off, still nice, but not original.
I certainly disagree that it is hard to tell and that the stocks are "still nice." Look at the bottom profile. It is rounded, not flat. Look at the bottom checkering line. It is nearly at the bottom of the panel, rather than replicating the checkering line border on other parts of the panels.

If the stocks only had an improper finish, that could be removed, and a proper finish applied. However, the curved, rounded bottom profile cannot be fixed, unless more material were removed to restore the flat profile, and the bottom checkering line were then moved up. Of course, the resulting stocks would be "short."

keystonearms has a good idea. It should not be none impolitely as Travis responded, but rather with an amicable tone explaining how the stocks are not original and suggesting that an honest person, once educated, will surely want to reveal the new-found information to the bidders and let them out of their bids. The rounded bottom profile and the too-shiny finish are the most obvious deviations from original that should be mentioned.
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This set of stocks sold a week or so ago for about 250.00. My guess is the buyer was more than a little surprised when someone advised him of the alterations to his new stocks. Yea, they are redone, and the bottom ground down to the checkering. He knows what he has, and someone else will will buy them on the second go around.
I think he knows as well as we do they are not what he claims, but if he pleads ignorance he can call us unknowledgeable and the stocks original.:bang_wall:
They've been refinished, IMO, as it looks like material was removed from the bottom and the lacquer appears thick and is covering dents/imperfections. Then there is the issue of the checkering, if you zoom in look how blunted the peaks are which, once again, point to a refinished set of stocks. There should be a smooth border under the checkering like the originals on my '66 (shown below). Note the peaks on the checkering on my stocks.
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As others have said...refinished. And as of this moment the bidding shows others know the same.
Based on the appearance of known originals, this set is obviously refinished and cut-down. Never seen another set like it.
I was polite and factual when I contacted the seller. His reply is below:

'Ah yes, another internet 'expert.'

I took these off of a gun that I bought new years ago.....all original.

Do not send me another of your harassing emails.'
I think this guy need MORE emails from "internet "experts!"
NOOOOO you guys need glasses, there is nothing wrong with these grips they are mint he even has the original box it came in. Just waiting for someone who doesn't know any better and swoosh its gone.
Refinished and bottom heavily sanded. No question about it.
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