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Argentine Colt

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I am in need of Information on a "Colt made" Argentine colt.Model 1927, that I own..It's been professionally re-blued and in great shape mechanically along with a matching numbered magazine..Can anyone supply info on value, as I haven't seen one with matching mag.. Any info will be appreciated.
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Selling prices range from 300 to 500 on these lately. If it is a pistol from one of the colt contracts for argentina, it could bring a small premium. Refinishing lowers the values. Original finishes can bring more. They are fine shooters though. Some were imported with matching magazines.
GUNFISH, thank you for your reply. I believe this weapon to be COlt manufactured as it has all the Colt info on the left side, with an 8xxx serial number. I've read that 10K were made by Colt originally and as I said it has a matching magazine numbered to the weapon.. Thanx again...
Your pistol would be part of the 3rd contract for Argentina. Made in 1927.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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