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To properly celebrate Arizona’s centennial statehood this year I thought I would share some group photos of my three honest working Colts. All three shipped to Arizona while it was still a territory. I have also included an original Copper Queen Consolidated Mine guard badge and miners tag both which are very hard to find. The Colts are all 32 WCF’s that original shipped to Bisbee in 1904, Tucson in 1905, and Prescott in 1909. All I need to do is find one from Phoenix and I will have the whole state represented. One cool characteristic that each of these revolvers share in common is that they all have double inspector stamps in the hammer slot channel.

I decided that I wanted to shoot these occasionally so I sent them off to have the hammer notches repaired and to be tuned and timed. That took awhile so this is the first time they all went out to the desert together. Both SSA’s have had the front sight lowered a bit but the Bisley is full so the bullets impact point was a little different. I wanted to started out with some light reloads so it was 3.2 grains of Unique pushing a 118 grain lead slug. All three were very accurate and fun to shoot. Next time out I will bump up the load a little.

I hope you like them...


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