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ASOAC article on Colt small frame .36 caliber percussion pistols by John D.Breslin

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In my further research into early Colt revolvers I came across an article in the bulletin archives of the American Society Of Arms Collectors (ASOAC), entitled: Colt’s Small Frame .36 Caliber Percussion Pistols and “The Conventional Wisdom” An Examination of the Pistols called by Collectors The “1862 Police” and the “Pocket Pistol of Navy Size Caliber” by John D Breslin. The article was published in the ASOAC's Bulletin No. 85 (Spring 2002). You can find it on the ASOAC website or download it here: http://americansocietyofarmscollect...6-caliber-percussion-pistols-B085_Breslin.pdf .

In the article he shows how these two revolver models were once thought to occupy the same serial number sequence, but through research and deductive reasoning, it is now clear that they do not. I found the article very informative and thought provoking about how our state of knowledge changes as further research is conducted over the course of time.

As he states at the beginning
“Conventional Wisdom” is a funny thing.
According to the “Conventional Wisdom” at the time:
—The Earth was flat.
—The Japanese would never attack Pearl Harbour.
—Chairman Mao was an agrarian reformer
We now know those statements to be incorrect.”

As we learn more about these revolvers what we unquestioningly believe now may, in time, be proved to be incorrect.
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I read that awhile back and remember not understanding how he came to the conclusions he came to. Thanks for posting it, my plan is to re-read it to try to figure out what he is saying ( I guess I need a Cliff-notes version!).
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