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Nasty lookin' little bugger. I'd bet its a real kick in the pants to fire.
Even with an 8.3" bbl. these weapons have pretty light recoil. They shoot the successor cartridge to the Russian 7.62x39mm round, the 5.45x39mm round. It was developed as a response to the M-16's 5.56x45mm cartridge. Ballistically speaking, this cartridge is maybe 10% less efficient on paper. However, the original military ball ammo (called 7N6 in Russia) has a unique bullet that creates a huge temporary cavity and tumbles in tissue more than the M-16's cartridge.
The weapons were issued to tank crews, machine gun and mortar crews, special forces, etc. I have a few Russian friends who were in the Spetznaz in Afghanistan. They really only liked this weapon for taking "cool" pictures to send home and share amongst themselves. Nobody took them out on patrol and ambush missions by choice. It is also used by the internal security police in Russia, fomerly the MVD, for assaults in urban settings where hallways and doorways can be narrow chokepoints. The sights are an L flip rear, with a close setting and another setting for 400-500 meters, which is to say the least, very optimistic.
They are an excellent close quarter weapon, although I hope I never need it for it's original purpose.
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