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Barrel Identification

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I have a 1905 Bisley that has been re-barreled and re-cylindered to 38 Special. The left side of the 5 1/2 inch barrel reads COLT SINGLE ACTION ARMY .38 Special. The top roll mark reads COLT'S MFG. CO. Harford, CT. USA The customary top roll marks that I've seen are: COLT'S PAT F.A. MFG. Co. HARTFORD. CT. U.S.A. Does anyone know why the difference on my barrel? Does the variation reflect a certain time period or possibly to differentiate a barrel sold on the open market and not fitted by Colt? Thanks, your help is appreciated.
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You nailed it! Lots of these barrels were sold prior to Colt introducing the 2nd Gen. SAAs. You have a pretty common conversion.
In speaking with a restoration expert, I learned that there were a variety of address roll marks. This Bisley doesn't have the star or ampersand on the trigger bow that would usually be stamped at the factory for the conversion. Nor does it have the Rampant Horse on the cylinder breach. Colt Archives, however, advised that these stamps/markings were not always used. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the Bisley, whomever did the work.
It is great to hear that you are happy with the converted Bisley. Many 1st gen SAA's and Bisleys were converted to 38 special before the 2nd gen SAA's appeared.
Colt changed the COLT'S MFG. to COLT'S PT. F.A on the Government Model in 1947.
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