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I have seen over the years that a SAA "Battle of Britain"
guns bring a pretty significant sum. I have handled a similar gun ( it letters to Winchester and then the British Purchasing Commission ). It is a very nice New Service Shooting Master. I have not been able to find any values on a gun of this type that letters to the war such as this one does. The letter stated it shipped blue but it is now very nicely nickled... it appears it must have been nickled very shortly after it was made as there is NO blems apparent through the nickle and the roll marks are as crisp as anything. Just to give you a little more insight into the finish quality.. i have seen hundreds of nickle colts and until i saw the factory letter stating it was blue..i would have put money that the finish was original. It also states on the letter that there is "no grips specified" but this gun is sporting some NICE colt ivory grips with medalions that are correct for the time of manufacture for this gun. Any insight into the history of this model as it pertains to the war and what something like this might be worth would be very helpful. Thanks in advance
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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