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Original nickel does flake off, so this alone is not a sure sign of a refinish.

However, blurry stampings, rounded off corners and edges that should be sharp, and waves and ripples in the barrel and flat surfaces are indications of a refinish.

Pricing a refinish is more a matter of personal judgment.
More goes into it. As example, how good was it done, WHO did it (Colt is better) what's the overall condition of the gun now, (Rust, pitting, heavy wear)?

Other factors are, when was it actually shipped by Colt, and very important, was it really a Bisley when it was shipped, or is it a post-factory conversion.

Simply too much to offer a price without a lot more info and some good pictures, and even then only a real expert can give a reliable price.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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