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Bisley Refinish Price & info

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Unfortunately that is without a doubt refinished, and not by Colt. Someone was over zelous and very heavy handed when they did the job of polishing. Value would be tough, I beleive originality is key with any Colt and in this condition it would be the market that sets price. By market I mean if you put this up on one of the auction sites and started it at a penny with no reserve you could get the auction frenzy going and maybe get up to ????. No matter the extreme of condition, honest use and wear looks the most appealing to me. Although some folks just want a century old shooter that is affordable and this might fit that bill. If you like it and it functions and throws lead down range then shoot it and have a good time!
Colt wont refinish this. You would have to go to a restoration smith. The cost of the restoration plus the initial cost of the gun would put you way over the price of a finding an original high condition gun. Turnbull starts at 3500.00 for pre 1913 Saa's/Bisley restorations. Dave Lanara is another good smith and he is not as much as Turnbull but you get the idea. There are a few other folks that can spruce it up for you but you still end up with the same results. A refinished gun. The grips look to be what we refer to as the "bowling ball type" some sort of resin/plastic. My advice is if you like it, leave it alone other than getting a set of original grips that fit better, or sell it and take what you get for it plus the 1000-3500 dollars you would spend to clean it up and buy a better condition gun. Keep in mind also the reputable smiths will only restore the gun to Factory letter specs, so if you get the letter and find out the gun was originally a 32/20 it may lead to more dissapointment!
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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