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If you have it re-nickled you will have a shiny gun without the peeled areas and other blemishes. You can give it a hand polish job yourself with Flitz or Simichrome polish and make it shine but won't do anything for the peel. If you don't like it that way you can still have it re-nickled.

As previously stated by someone else it had a careless preparation job when it was nickeled before. Refinish is not going to correct that.

If you do re-nickle it, there are several shops that can do a satisfactory job at reasonable cost. You can get on google or bing and enter gun restoration or nickle plating to bring up some to check in with and make your choice. In discussing with them find out what the turn around time will be. Some of them can take forever to do a job. :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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