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This might help.

The same bolt was used on all the Mark III guns, like the Lawman and Trooper Mark III, on the Mark V guns, and on the King Cobra.

The only difference between them all, is the King Cobra bolt was stainless steel.

These later Colt guns used "machine fitted" parts. In other words there IS no fitting of parts possible like in the older Colt's.

At the factory, the fitter just pulled a new bolt from a bin and test fitted it in place.
If it didn't fit, he pulled another out.

These parts were made to such a close spec, that it's unusual for one to be that far off.

One "watch-out".
Many current gunsmiths are not aware that these parts CANNOT be fitted.
They are made of a powdered steel casting process, and given a glass-hard case hardened coating so they will wear well.

ANY cutting or even much polishing will break through the thin coating, ruining the part.

Many gunsmiths don't know this, and will attempt to "make" a part fit by cutting, trimming, or polishing it.
This results in customers getting a repaired gun back, only to have it start giving new problems when the exposed, soft steel starts wearing.

Again, any Colt Mark III, V, or King Cobra bolt is usable, and they DO NOT come in "over-sized" versions.
How the repair is done, is to just try several bolts until you find one in which the tiny variations allow a proper fit.
This is a problem for the small gunsmith since he can't stock enough parts to allow selecting for a proper fit.

My personal advice is this: Get your gun back from this gunsmith and either send it to Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters, or directly to the Colt factory for a PROPER repair.
They DO have enough parts, so all they have to do is try several bolts until they get a proper fit.

I'll be blunt.... When a gunsmith has a Mark III type revolver in for a simple bolt replacement and starts talking about replacing a hammer and trigger, I'd get REAL "hinky".
I'd seriously question if he's competent to work on one of these Colt's.
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