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I recently purchased a series 80 government model last month. It shoots like a champ, putting 7 shots into a single ragged hole at 25 yrds with my 230 gr cast lead RN handload (5.0 gr 231). Slide is marked "Colt MKIV Series 80", and on the other side under the ejection port "government model". The slide and sides of the frame are so highly polished that I can see my reflection in them. The top of the slide and underside of the frame are matte. It came a set of pearl grips with Colt medallions (I have never seen this type before on a 1911. They are marked Ajax inside) and a spare set of Hogue finger groove wrap-around rubber grips. I am using the Hogues because I was afraid to fire it with the pearls for fear of damaging them. Serial number is FG95xxx. Two questions: When was this gun made? and What is it worth? I paid $400 out the door, but I am not sure if Series 80s are worth less than older government models. Thanks for any info.

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