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Before buying a bushel of goodies (goodies that may well be hard to come by right now), shoot it and see what you think. And, please, no disrespect, but if you aren't famliar with the platform, get some guidance before locking and loading.

Couple suggestions:
-Sights; the irons on the gun work just fine; you could do worse than to learn to use them before worrying about optics.
-Furniture; see if what's on it fits you; I don't care for the OEM pistol grip or buttstock (I like Magpul), but again, shoot it.
-Trigger; here is one that might be be worth addressing early on. Colt's listing for the model indicates no special trigger; if it is standard AR (heavy and gritty) think about a Geissele SSA; it's the single biggest improvement you can make to the rifle
-Mags; it should have come with two 20 round; there is not one thing wrong with GI mags...if you can find any.
Enjoy your gun and ask lots of questions here.
ETA- is yours the piston gun? You'll need an education on that as well.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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