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I have always wanted a Super .38 1911 but never came across one I liked. Then a couple years ago I cam across a deal for a Sig made barrel for one CHEAP! I figured that I had a extra 1911 frame handy, plenty of spare parts and so my only other real expense would be a slide so I jumped on it but when it arrived, turned out it was a ramped barrel, rats. By the time I would send the frame off to get it milled, it would have cost too much so now I get to buy a Caspian frame. Sooooo, I do the basic fitting up, got the slide to frame how I liked it and then gave it to my gunsmith for trigger work. Got it back and we took it to the range. I let Bob take the first shot and he drills the x! This gun is a tack driver. So now I discover why hand polishing is so expensive but several hours later and it is ready to go to another smith who still does wonderful hot bluing.Here is how it looked when I put some cold blue on it to check for flaws. Can't wait to get it back!
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