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Hi guys
I would like to make a presentation case for an 1851 Navy, like the pictures in the "Colt, an American Legend" book, with the pistol, a powder flask and bullet mold.
I can't find a bullet mold that even looks like a Colt facsimile.
Does anyone know where or who sells one?

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Sources are:
Dixie Gun Works.
Navy Arms.
Cimmarron Arms.

All of these specialize in black powder goods, and both carry replica moulds and powder flasks for the various sized Colt's.

Colt also sold fitted cases complete with the bullet mould, and they sold just the kits with a mould, flask, and other items that went in the fitted cases.

They made these as recently as a couple of years ago for the Colt "Signature" model black powder pistols.

Likely, some of these kits and cases are still available.
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