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Lately I've been doing a bit of shooting with my 2.5" Diamondback. While I love the look of the factory stocks, when shooting any kind of stiff load the sharp lower edge of these stocks pivots back under recoil and digs into my paw. It's certainly not unbearable, but it IS uncomfortable. I tried a set of Pachmayr "goodyears", but, sorry, they're just too ugly. What I've setttled on is a set of stocks from the last iteration of the non-shrouded barrel Detective Special...the fully checkered medallion stocks with the rounded off bottom. Problem solved! The factories are for show, the DS grips are for "go".

What I seem to remember (from somewhere...I don't know where) is that in the movie "Bullitt" (required watching for any 2.5" D'back owner) the revolver that Steve McQueen used had a similar arrangement...DS grips in , of course, an upside down shoulder rig.

Am I correct here, or hallucinating?
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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