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"Buntline-esque" Colt DAs...

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Did COLT ever do special Order extra long Barrels, for the early DAs? And or for their various early 20th Century DA Revolvers?

I have seen the occasional Odd Ball which had a modified Rifle Barrel section ( 12 inches or better, one was pushing 18 inches I am sure ) adapted to it, and, I could tell right off, it was not something COLT had done.

But, it started me wondering, if COLT ever did do extra long Barrels, on request?
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Colt did make some models with longer barrels, as example the 10 inch barrel Colt Camp Perry single shot built on a DA revolver frame.

Since Colt was always famous for doing just about anything a customer could pay for as a custom job, it's very possible Colt did make longer double action revolver barrels on special order.
Since these would be a special order item, there's no way to find out what may have been made up unless you own the gun and order an Archive letter for it.
A 14 inch Barrel, Target Flat-Top 'New Service', in .44-40 or .38-40, with detachable Shoulder Stock, would have been fun I think.

Leather Cased, of course.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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