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Came across a WWI Parts kit (1911)

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Came across this complete parts kit minus receiver, everything else, firing mech, safety, slide stop, grips, etc is there, just missing the frame to be a complete gun. I was wondering about the barrel markings, I believe it is the correct "H P" prior to their connection, but it looks like the h is light struck. Just wold like to confirm it is a wwI barrel. Would I be better off selling the parts or trying to find a frame for this thing? TIA

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Your barrel is for the Model 1911 in the serial number range from approximately 110,000 to 420,000. The common leg HP was used from just over serial number 400,000 to the end of Model 1911 production in 1924. The slide appears to be the late style marking, so a receiver would have to be in the proper serial number range for a match. Normally receivers by themselves are virtually impossible to find, so you would probably have to buy a parts pistol with the correct serial number receiver if you wanted them to match.
Johnny, thank you. Looks like I need to just put the parts out there to someone with the right frame. I appreciate your input. I knew it was a later one as When I bought the kit it had a frame that had the serial scrubbed off of it they tried to give me :X
You might be interested to know that Caspian Arms makes a 1911 receiver if you wanted to make up a parts gun.
Yes sir, I researched my options and would prefer to keep it a colt if at all possible. Maybe I can get lucky on the auction side and find a colt with a rem rand slide or such thing. Thanks for the help all.
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