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Re: Can A 6\" Anaconda Be Cut Down To 2.5\"???

Other than messing up the barrel markings, a lot depends on where the vents in the top rib fall out.

I don't have an Anaconda to check with, but on the Python the rear vent on a 4" or 6" barrel will be just about perfectly positioned for a cut-down to 2 1/2".

The problem is the barrel markings.
A cut-down will cut right through the markings on both sides of the barrel.

The actual job itself would require removing the barrel so the muzzle could be properly squared up and the end re-profiled after the cut.

A new cut would need to be made for the front sight, and a new, higher front sight made up.

This will be expensive, and the finished job will not look good due to the markings.

Another option would be to talk to Colt about a Custom Shop Anaconda with a 2 1/2" custom barrel.

Colt has always been quite willing to provide guns with non-standard barrel lengths, and it would certainly look right, since the markings would match the barrel length.

Cost might not be as bad as you think.
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