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Hello all, 1st post and happy to be here :) - I'm cross posting in the Gunsmithing and Revolver forums, hope that is ok..

I just found a used Colt Agent in the W serial# range (1986ish I think?) with the rough parkerized "combat" finish. The muzzel almost looks like cast iron it's so rough. It came with the Rubber Colt grips which will probably be replaced with some Hogues. (Are the Original Colt grips worth anything?)
I'm not looking for CCW, I have customized Ruger SR9c and Kel-Tec PF-9 for that. This is a nightstand gun for the wife replacing her GORGEOUS bright blue Agent that we had to sell in the mid '80s for a paltry $250 to pay the rent...OIY!

Anyway, the metal finish is plenty nicked, scuffed and has minor scratches. I believe I would like to refinish it via cerakote; a dark grey frame and lighter grey cylinder with polished trigger & hammer. My PF9 is cerakoted in black and I really like it. I am not familiar with any other "coverup finishes" like Duracote.

My question: rather than paying for beadblasting, can I simply wet/dry hand sand the park finish, (starting at 250 and working down to 1500 grit) with judiscious use of a Dremel, leaving a thin coat of park over most of the gun...then degrease/spray/and bake. I know not to sand the tolerence areas much, so I don't think I can strip it down enough to polish for cold-rebluing and will have to settle for a coating. Your thoughts and input are very much appreciated! Feel free to contact me offline at [email protected] too. Thanks everyone!

Scott in Sunny Tampa
NRA Life &
IDPA member
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