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Older Browning High Power, 10 Yards, 15 Rounds ( ie: one full Magazine and one in the chute to start with )...semi-rapid Fire of about 1 round per second or a little faster.

I would say the 'Hostage' in this instance would have been less than delighted with the outcome, but, by then, I had got the 'BG' about six times already, so...oh well...

The old Belgian Browning P-35 is of course just wonderful. The Grip is a little chubbier than what one may be used to, since the Magazine is of the "Double Stack' way-of-faith, but, it is still comfortable and is an all round splendid Pistol in every way.

I had only tried out this one one time before, some years ago, and, it was nice to renew the acquaintance.
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