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CC parts "kit"

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Was wondering if there was a "parts kit" for a pre 80 series combat commander out there that is worth purchasing. Not necessarily looking for a target trigger, etc, and a colt kit would be great (don't think I can get that lucky). Any experience with something like this that is worth pursuing?
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I have never heard of a "parts kit" for any Colt. Why not make your own by buying the parts you want in your "kit" from Brownell's or one of the parts houses?
Never mind, found a kit by Wilson for it and will go that route.
You asked for a COLT "parts kit" for your Combat Commander. I assumed that meant that you wanted to keep your Colt all Colt and answered accordingly. Now it appears that you do not care if your "parts kit" is made up of real Colt parts.

Since that is the case, Brownell's has "parts kits" for 1911-pattern pistols from several makers that you may want to consider.
I did ask and you answered. I just took the information you provided and chose a different path. Was not meant as derogatory
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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