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I am going to rechamber a 5.5 inch Colt 1878 DA for .455 eley ammo and I will make it to .45 LC. if possible. The Colt have serialnr. 40427 and is just above the 40300,(the line for the 1968 Firearms laws) made in 1899.
The gun have british proofs. And I guess for the new in that period, new faster powder. The gunis not so much of a collecting item but still ok for shooting, I made this Colt to a project.
Have got Manson reamers for rechambering and throating, incl. some separat pilots .4480 - .4505.
The cylinder throat is now . 4495 (measured with a pilot follow the reamer). The slugged barrel, lands .448 and grooves .451. It´s hard to measure, the lands is small and thin, but just about this.
Is there some of you who have experiance about rechamber this model and caliber? And of course shooting the new project as I am, with lead bullet and black powder.

Also wondering:
....the barrel grooves and lands incl the caliber ....are they the very same in a regular .45LC and .455 Eley (almost the same as Webley) of its time, manufactured from seriel number 4300 and up, in this 1878 model?

....the cylinders the regular .45 LC and .455 Eley are they suppose to be in same durability?

Many questions but perhaps I will have some of them answered.

Hoping for many answers and perhaps questions.
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