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Attended the so-called "Nation's Gun Show" in Chantilly, VA (a Washington suburb) today. It's a good-sized show, said to number over a thousand tables. Could be, but many of them are peddling coins, jerky, jewelry, hand warmers, Nazi junk and other such tchochkes. The vast majority of others are pushing plastic guns in great numbers, especially so now that our next door neighbor, Maryand, has passed "gun safety" laws set to begin October 1 limiting magazine size and purchase of "assault rifles." As a result, Marylanders, who obviously don't know as much about what's good for them as their politicians do, flooded the show to make last minute purchases.

Ammo was in pretty good supply but at high prices: .22s were $60 a brick (10 boxes). 9mm selling at about $24 a box.

Didn't see a whole lot of Colts. The new, plastic, PocketLite XSP .380 was plentiful, at prices from $649 to $799, depending on the dealer. As for older ones, saw about ten Pythons, averaging about $2350, and Detective Specials all over the place, starting at $699 for shooters. One nice Officer's Match .38 at $1750 and a handsome about 95% New Service .45 ACP for $3500.

This show is held about once a quarter and usually attracts large crowds because there's just not much else along this line held in the Washington area. A lot of guns were being sold but the best thing about it was the NRA recruiters signed up over 300 new members in the four hours the show was open yesterday.
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