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O.K, I got this Python for cheap.
Had to replace hammer, trigger and the hand. Had it timed.
Now the rare part, the single action trigger pull is HARD, maybe 6-8 #, double action is good.
Question: What to do
A. Have it worked on local ?
B. Send it to Colt ?
C. Put in set of lite Wolf springs ?
D. Buy a Dremal tool ?
What's the deal with Colts repair ? cost ? Time ?
Any ideas........

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Ok, Ok, Ok...
Slow down.

Number one.. Why is it rare ?
Is it a 3 incher ?
Is it factory engraved ?
Some kind of celeb owned it (maybe Elvis) ?
Rare limited release from Colt ?

Number 2... Who did all the previous work that you mentioned ?
Maybe he/she's your culprit ?
Maybe that person screwed it up ?
If it was like that when you got it, why didn't you have them look at it while they were replacing everything else ?

It depends on your answer to the above questions as to who I would have work on it.


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Who replaced the hammer and trigger?
Were the parts new or used?

These parts aren't true "drop in" parts and often need fitting. Used parts are often defective or altered.

To get this working RIGHT you have two good choices:
1. Send it in to Colt.
NO ONE knows more about it than they do, the price and turnaround will be very good, and the quality of work will be top notch.

Several members of this forum have recently used Colt for work, and have been VERY well pleased with the quality, time, and price.

2. Send it to:
Pittsburgh Handgun Headquarters
1330 Center Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(412) 766-6100

Pittsburgh used to be Colt's factory overflow for warranty repairs.
They do factory-level work. Price and turnaround is very good, quality of repairs are factory-level.

Several people have also used Pittsburgh, especially for some older guns Colt no longer works on, and have also been pleased with price, time, and quality.

Due to the complexity of the Python action, I don't recommend letting anyone local work on it, no matter WHAT they say about being qualified.
95% plus of the time....they aren't.

Since there's a problem with the action, putting a spring kit in will only mask the problem, and it still won't work properly.

Drop the Dremel, and step away from it. /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif /forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif

Bottom line: Pythons are too expensive and too high quality to screw around with. Get the pros to fix it.
You'll be amazed at the feel of a properly tuned Python.

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Thanks for the replies.

Why is it rare ? cuz the trigger sucks.
The hammer was new, hand used ?
The gunsmith guy said the trigger had not been used.

Wanting the best work and not wanting to take a chance I'll be sending it back to Colt.

I was kidding about the Dremal.
Last time I used one I drilled a hole in my thigh.
Traded it for a BIG hammer.

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Did you get it cheap because it needed a hammer, trigger and hand? How did you know it needed these parts? Did it function before you had the parts installed?
If I had to put money on it I would first look at the gunsmith for the problem you have now.

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I bought it with broken hammer.
Found out the hand was missing after I got the gun (auction). Put in the hand, shot the gun, OK.
Took it back and had a new hammer put in.
Cylinder did not index, gunsmith worked on the trigger to fit to hammer said trigger looked new.
That's when the single action trigger pull went to crap.
I bought the gun from a Police auction (small town I think).
I called when I saw the hand was missing and although it was sold "as is" the man I talked to said he would make it right.
I ask where the money went, he said the dept. and local charities, I told him to keep and use the $$
the Colt is on it's way to colt FedEx priority overnight declared value $1,000.00 (might get lost:) /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif - $48.00 shipping. I'm in to far to back out now !!
I also left good feedback as they were working with me.
I look at it as a donation.
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