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Jbar- there is a British tv documentary that I taped a while ago called "KABOOM"
In the show there is a lot of stuff about how gunpowder and explosives were invented and discovered, shows lots of fun stuff of things being blown up, even has a rocket powered bike demo that the boss of the British bomb disposal team recreated(seems he was a bit of a larrikin as a youngfella)
One of the mad/excentric Englishmen on the show explains the difference of the two types of powders.

When I did my explosives training I was told that B.P. is classed as explosive mainly as it is so easy to ignite accidentally, and therefore much more dangerous than modern smokeless powders, even though smokeless powder is much more potent than B.P. for a given weight.
If memory serves me correctly-and I might be wrong here- it also had to do with the burning rate of the 2 powders when unconfined as well, I think that B.P. still goes KABOOM in a big way whether it is confined or not, but smokeless just burns away happily when unconfined.

Try and find a copy of the show as it is a real hoot to see what some of these fella's get up to.
If your video shop doesnt have a copy, maybe a t.v. stations archive will have it,
I have a copy but our video players work on a different system to the USA so it wont help much unless I can find someone over here that can convert it.

all times wasted wots not spent shootin'
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