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As the days have become the shortest in this time of year I start to reflect on the year that is almost gone by.

And what a year it has been, The war in Iraq, The aftermath of the tsunami, The Pakistan Eartquake, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, more locally a goverment which was unable to explain the nessecity of a European Constitution, a large fire in a deportationcentre for asylumseekers which was build with so many mistakes and had such poorly instructed personnel that even at first called off the FD that eleven people didn't have to worry about being extradited because they burned alive, a completely new system of Health Care in which the weakest members of society who live in The Hague will only have access to 1 hospital only for emergency treatment, when you look back at it, all one can say is we all made another fine mess of things.

It is a somber picture one gets when one reviews the world we live in today, is there at all a reason to say Merry Christmas?


But only if you say it not only to the ones you love or know by proffesion, but to those whom you don't know.
The words "Merry Christmas" are not reserved to next of kin, they are for all.

I wrote of all the "mishaps" in the world.
I alone cannot take away all the sorrow and pain in this world. But at this time when we all start preparing for the best days of the year to celebrate the coming of the new year, the dawn of a new light, when we search for home and warmth, I can not forget those who are in need.

Today I tipped a vender who sells a newspaper for the homeless, tomorrow I will come by that Salvation Army Soldier who collects for there Christmas-services for those who do not have a place called home. My pay-check is big enough to spend a bit to the Red Cross. I can count my blessings, but will not forget those who cannot and you know what? It feels good!

As I type this my Christmas turkey lies quietly in the fridge, waiting for a stuffing of chestnut paste, cranberry and grind beef. My table will bent under the weight of food and drink but it will taste a lot better knowing that I did prepare well, I urge you all to do the same.

What's a few bucks? A box of ammo, maybe? The Red Cross is in need of funds, we all know the problem spots in the world, and I call upon you all to spend.
It doesn't need to be much, little amounts will do the trick, it gave me a good and warm feeling from inside.

And therefor my fellow Coltforummembers I say, prepare well!
Do not forget your fellow man, make a small difference for another!

Have a beautiful Christmas, cherish the warmth of the season and all the best of health, fortune, luck and love to you and your families where ever you are in our world!

Merry Christmas from the Netherlands.

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