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Have a virtually new 5.5" bbl. for a 1ST or 2ND Gen.SAA. Only marking is "Christy",which will be covered up when the ejector rod tube is installed(it has the stud for this).Bore mikes out at .426-.427,so probably better for a 44/40 than a .44 Special. Front sight is rounded in front,but flat in rear,and is 1/8" wide,so will need thinning for many fixed rear sight notches.

Don't believe bbl. has ever been on a gun;nice blue,just 1 1/8" light spot.

I bought the bbl. for a project,but then couldn't find an appropriate cylinder,and ended up trading the SAA that I planned to use it on!!

Price; $40.00, plus mailing. Do NOT have digital camera,so you will have to trust my description.

The old Christy Gun Works,in California,made SAA bbls. cylinders in MOST calibers after World War Two,as well as other parts. Colt only tirned out new bbls and cyls. in .38 Spec. and .45 Colt from 1946-late 50's.

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