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Winter finds me spending more time inside at the laptop while watching shows. It's a dangerous combo, as I peruse the inter webs too much. Finding this online a few months ago and being curious as to the quality, I traded a few gift cards and cashed in customer points for it, around $600 if I remember correct. Life would be far cheaper if I'd just go outside and lay in a snowbank. I have no idea if ole Teddy even had one like this. I know he had a few nice engraved guns that this could be modeled after, who knows.....

The engraving isn't bad for computer laser work but it's NOTHING like old school hand engraving. Most of it is embellished nicely with a few spots where it looks like they just stuck something there to fill a void. The scrimshawed plastic grips look a little cheesy. The fit and finish is actually pretty good and the action is really smooth, nice distinct clicks and a decent trigger pull. The BP cylinder pin screw is tacky and I really don't like it, so I'll have to track down a nickel screw to replace it perhaps. The one piece plastic grips are a first for me but they actually feel decent, unlike last century's plastic junk.

I didn't get it to admire, although it's not bad really. I got it to bang around, shoot a lot (both at the range and at the TV, hopefully not at the same time), leave laying on the table by the fire pit and just because....never really needed much of another reason I suppose. I only own one Uberti (10mm) and now this Cimarron/Pietta. Gotta say, for the price and build quality, really pretty darned good for what you pay.
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Not bad for the price. I've seen pictures of Teddy out west wearing a SAA with a 7 1/2 inch barrel, in 44-40, that he carried in a Cheyenne style holster. Teddy had a lot of guns, saw one of his short barreled Colts sold at auction for a nice price.
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