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Recently, a Civil War Surgeon’s 1863 presentation cased, Tiffany enhanced, Colt revolver surfaced from the darkness of a long-term private collection. The Colt has been sold into a major Civil War medical collection, which will thoroughly describe and display the Colt at some point in the future.

I am posting some quick photos taken by the seller for your viewing pleasure as I firmly believe we all learn from examining these treasures of the past. Comments about this type of Colt revolver can be found in Wilson’s book, “COLT an American Legend” on various pages listed under ‘Thuer’ or ‘Tiffany’.

The custom military-style case with both lock and key as well as sliding military latches is of the type normally found to contain Civil War-era U. S. Army field surgical instruments. Obviously, the presenters engaged a case maker who supplied northern instrument makers to produce this unique ‘medical’ non-Colt case.

The Colt was presented to “D. W. Bliss, M.D., Surgeon U.S.V. (volunteers) in charge by his friends in the U. S. General Hospital, Armory Square, Washington, D. C. August 8th, 1863

Doctor Willard Bliss served as a surgeon with the Third Michigan Infantry and later treated President James A. Garfield after his wounding from a gunshot in July 1881. (Wikipedia)

I will not even attempt to correctly describe the various attributes of this Colt as the experts on this forum deserve to have a field day and their comments are welcome. I will tell you the Colt has been examined by noted Colt experts during the vetting process and it passed muster.

If anyone knows of other Civil War surgeon-related Colts, any information would be appreciated. Especially any information about a Colt revolver owned by Civil War surgeon Dr. Nathan Smith.
Dr. Norman Smith's Colt Pistol (

Michael Echols (AntiqueMedical)

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