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want to sell a Clawson service book for your colt 45 , 1911 & 1911A1
this book is new and not any marked pages or torn , no broken edges .
want 325.00 mailed to you priority shipping or FedX ( probably go with FEDX . USPS has had a lot of screw ups lately .
61885268333__AEC052F7-5537-45B5-BD7D-73252EFDF9CE.jpeg 61885269988__3AAC8A2C-7969-4BB5-B46A-197F5B627457.jpeg 61885274703__9CBAE3A7-3775-48C9-A9EB-F614EFDE78F0.jpeg
also have a colt dome picture it is 8x11 very nice to hang in your office . I need 30.00 mailed to you 61885282312__014E9C47-764C-4F1D-9043-6854644D2A38.jpeg
and a colt AR16 catalog /info on the different models from 1979 , a small piece is missing from the bottom middle not enough to mess with description.
I will mail this for 20.00 lots of good info .


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