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Cleaning / Lubing Colt double action internals

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Recently acquired a Colt OMT and wanting to know how to properly clean / lube internals. The trigger is very heavy / stiff and am wanting to make sure everything is as it should be inside.

First, I know that disassembly is not recommended. I know how to properly and correctly remove sideplate. Is there a way I can clean out and lube all the parts without further disassembly (than just removing the sideplate)? I am convinced that a good cleaning will improve the trigger. If this was a more recent gun, I would probably leave it alone. Being as how it was made over 70+ years ago, who knows what crud, or residual grease is caked onto the moving parts. While I dont mind shooting the gun in single action, it seems a shame for such a fine firearm to be at 50% capacity.

My idea (subject to change) is to spray out the inside of the internals with eezox to hopefully remove all crud and gunk. Then to gently blow out excess oil with air compressor. A light coat should still remain even with blowing it otut. Then I got some good grease from Brownells called Action Lube Plus in the mail today. I want to put this on the parts that should be greased.

First of all, is my idea of how to proceed a proper one?

Second of all, if it is, where I should I put the grease?
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I lube all my guns with a moly paste. its the ts-70 moly i'm using.

It will smooth out a rough action, lessen the trigger pull by up to 50% right away and more as it works into the pores of the metal. Moly will eliminate all wear, reduce friction, prevent galling, does not attract dirt and fights corrosion.
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