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CO2 & airguns again.....

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My first post seems to be plagued by the Gremlin. RJ had a plea bargain shoved <s>up his ass</s> down his throat and can't own or buy firearms for at least the next 22 1/2 months and was forced to dispose of the ones he had so..... I bought a Gamo P-23 (handgun)a few days ago and have satisfied part of my shooting needs. It's a CO2 repeater (10 shots as fast as you can pull the trigger!) but requires lead BB's if used as a repeater and the only place I can find them is direct from Gamo. I got to wondering if there's a shotgun shot size that measures .177? BTW, this thing tops 400 fps over my chrono... just barely. Not bad at all for a CO2 pistol!

And then I was thumbing through the new Cabelas catalog and came across an RWS air rifle that shoots a 60 gr. 9mm pellet (yes, 9mm!) at an advertized vel of "more than 900 fps"!! Holy Cow! Drawbacks: Rifle is $500.00 and a special high pressure hand pump to pump up the high pressure reservoir is another $210.00.
I don't know how long it takes, but you pump this thing up to about 3000 psi with the hand pump and it's supposed to be good for about a dozen full power shots. Now let me get this straight..... for the next couple years I can't step out my basement door and shoot a .22, but if I were so inclined I could put out $710.00 and have a 9mm pneumatic rifle that is fully capable of putting down a deer at close range?? A 60 grain slug at over 900 fps can do some real damage and I don't see anything in the hunting regs about not being able to use air guns.....
I haven't seen 9mm pellets anywhere either, but I bet I could cast 'em!
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On shotgun table of Shot sizes I have here are the closest. #2 shot= 0.15, #1 shot= 0.16, B= 0.175, BB= 0.18, BBB= 0.19, T= 0.20, F= 0.22.

The table also says B shot IS suitable for air rifles. However it does NOT say if the F shot at .22 will work in 22 cal air rifles. Hope this helps.
Interesting.... I'd hate to buy a 25 lb bag of B shot and find out it wouldn't work though..... I'll have to find someone who reloads shotshells and grab a handfull! Thanks MrC
Have you been to the ARS site? They sell single shot 9mm air rifles. Repeating .25 cal air rifles, other cals they carry include .22, .20 and .177. They even have a air shotgun.
Not yet, but I'm on my way! I kind of like the sound of that 9mm/900 fps stuff.
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