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Cobra Question

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Can someone give me a fair market value for a truly mint Colt Cobra .38 from 1967. The box & docs are not available. I have a chance to buy this revolver but I'm unsure as to what a fair offer would be.

Thank you for your help.
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On Gunbroker they are going for between $500-750 depending on condition. At "truly mint" expect it to be on the larger end of the spectrum.
What's useless is your reply. If I had the gun don't you think that I would have posted pictures.
Lol. You don't have to have the gun to post pics. Apparently you've seen the gun or seen pics of it if you say it's mint. I don't think u'd buy a gun without seeing it and just by someone's "mint" so I think you've seen it in person or at least pictures of it. If you seen it in person you could've got pics so it's not an impossible task. If it's a long distance transaction I'm sure the other party has pics. Mint to one person might be 80% to another. So, I'm sure a lot of members here would like to help but want to see pics before giving their opinion. Without pics, it's pot luck dude. It's hard to value a piece without good, detailed pics and just by a description. ;)
Well, "dude", I've been collecting guns for about 45 years and to me mint means 100% finish, little to no evidence of firing, no case marks on the recoil shield, no wear on the ejection rod, crisp checkering on the grips with no worn or flattened diamonds, no end shake, and perfect carry-up, timing, & lockup. The Cobra in question fits my definition of mint to a tee. I have seen the gun in person as it belongs to a neighbor.
Geez chill man. You don't have to get you're feathers ruffled. Boy somebody must've woke up on the wrong side of the bed. If it's your neighbors gun then you could've got pics but it's easier to say "If I had the gun don't you think that I would have posted pictures". You've been collecting guns for 45 years and are an expert so you don't need opinions I guess. But don't make it sound like you can't get pics to get opinions or advice because the gun is just next door. I see you're a S&W collector (which I like and have them myself) but the Cobra is not worth as much as a pre 27 3 1/2" 5 screw nickel in the same condition. It's all good though. :p
If you know so much about Smiths, I'm a member of the S&W Collectors Association and I'd be happy to sponsor you for membership. Then you'd have the opportunity to educate all of us amateurs.
This information provided by you is very constructive for correct planning. I like your work for providing information to the other.
If the OP said it was mint, he's looking for price info for a mint gun. if it's not mint as he says, that's his problem. He's not soliciting bids for buying it. Seems reasonable to me to ask for opinions without posting photos. I can understand several reasons for not posting photos, the main one may be that the gun's owner doesn't want him to take any. "No cameras" at most gun shows, some gun shops have the same policy. If I ran a LGS I might have qualms about people taking photos of my merchandise too- you never know what someone might be planning on doing with something like that.
Photos, photos my friend. Not making light of the op's knowledge but, like I stated, mint to one person may not be mint to you. Someone may say mint and the gun looks mint but the gun has aftermarket stocks on it and that person may not know that because the stocks has Colt medallions and he thinks they are original. It may have been refinished and he doesn't know that either. A lot of buyers don't know this and is why they come to forums. There are a lot of members here who have great knowledge of these Colt revolvers. Most of them won't post a value without seeing pictures and maybe that's why there is not more posts. I'm sure there would be more than one response on a value if there were pics. If a person says mint and the gun isn't mint then sure, it's on him. It is what it is but why would someone ask the value of a mint gun if it was 80%. Again, I'm not saying the op doesn't know what he's talking about because I'm sure the gun is mint. I've gotten pm's saying they agree about having pics. It doesn't matter if one agrees with me or not though because I'm giving my opinion like every forum member does when they reply to a post. That's what a forum is for. If he can't get pics of the Cobra then so be it but, I'm sure if he asked him, I don't know the value of this Cobra and would like some guys on the Colt Forum to see it I'm sure he wouldn't mind a few pics. No serial numbers have to be used or viewed. If he says no then so be it.

My point is members here like to see good pics and his thread would probably get more than one response which would benefit the op and help him to determine a close value of the gun. So hotrod150, why don't you give a value on the gun without seeing it and if the op does get pics and posts them, lets see if your value will be the same after you see pics. On Colt-SL's response he states depending on condition. At "truly mint" expect it to be on the larger end of the spectrum so his posted value could very well change to much more than $500-$750 once he sees it. This way he can determine if it's truly mint and give his opinion. He may see dishing, rounded edges, aftermarket stocks, Non period correct stocks, a buggered screw and a number of other things that someone else might not notice. And oh, the above pic is just to throw a little humor in the mix and not to criticize anyone.
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I personally don't understand why the OP got so agitated? I actually think I got an infraction for much less imo on another forum:rolleyes: lol. I have seen many people post the various "thread useless without pic jokes" everywhere. I have had it done to me several times and just laughed. Chris (mafd2) has always been eager to help everyone on here and has ALOT of knowledge about Colts and probably one of the absolute top on Original post war Colt Stocks.
I will say I have been collecting guns for awhile myself (not 45 years by a long shot considering I'm that not old lol) and most consider me a "condition or NIB freak", and of the guns I've seen advertised as Mint, usually only about 10% are lol. Some are horribly misadvertised. So I can understand Chris's concerns and trying to give an accurate estimate. Some just don't like to give an estimate without pics to try to save the OP from getting burned on possibly a non-original/not correct gun. Actually I've seen alot of respected people and even books state Mint as 99%/+ (99% or better). That is why I like to use the percentages instead, and look for those "100% NIB" guns. Actually no gun is truly perfect imo if you get the magnifying glass out (which some do lol), but I'm not that bad. If you give a gun a good going over inside and out, you will always find a little something eventually, but most guns out of the factory weren't absolutely flawless either, like having just a tiny blue spot worn at or inside the crane or ejector rod, light turn line on cylinder, etc. All the time I see NEW Colts, never sold at retail, lying on tables at gun shows by dealers or in showcases at gunshops which I would not buy because of a "light handling mark" or what I usually call a scratch:).
HOWEVER, the OP says the gun is 100% so I think that is enough to go by as long as the gun is 100% factory correct and he knows that. I think Colt-SL nailed it, probably $650 to maybe $750 tops imo without the Original Box. In the Colt world, the original box means so much, which is why the POS's sell all those trashy fake boxes for 100 plus a pop. Thankfully it hasn't started in the S&W (my other passion too) market much, other than a bunch of fake labels floating around on original boxes, just not original to that gun:(.
By the way good luck with your neighbor's Cobra, sounds like a great gun:).
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I'll tell you why I got agitated, Gus. It's the "dude" comment and the fact that, rather than posting a cogent reply, all that he could do was post a picture, one with poor grammar at that. (There should be an "is" between useless & thread.) I've always followed the philosophy that if you can't answer a man's question, don't post in his thread. As you said, many forums don't allow that type of response. I was a moderator on the S&W forum for many years and his post would have indeed garnered a warning. As to my response to him, if you consider an explanation of what I consider to be mint to be an actionable, you're certainly entitled to your opinion.

I don't collect Colt revolvers but I sure know mint when I see it. If you were to ask me the same question about a Smith & Wesson, I wouldn't need a picture to be able to give you a realistic value, and I wouldn't call you "dude".
I only wish I had the OP's luck to find a Cobra in that condition. I know the OP from another forum,and if he says the gun is 100% it is 100% no pictures needed. A Cobra in that shape here right outside the kingdom of NYC would easily go for 750-800 dollars if one can be found at all.
I get the nod for worst grammar in this thread for sure :). I'm glad we don't have a grammar police or I would stay locked up :eek:. As to my comments about the Mint thing, I agree Mint basically should be as close to perfect as it gets. I just was stating many people do not consider it that way. This is why I always try to get a percentage grade and/or to ask the flaws in detail on the gun. I know one large dealer in Colts on GB used to state Mint as 98% lol??? I prefer not to buy many guns I can't see in person, so I don't have to worry about that very often... Good Luck with the Cobra. If it were me, I would try to get it for $600-$650. I think this is a fair price for both you and your neighbor, JMHO. I can find them around here from time to time in similar condition as you described, As New with no box, in the $600-$700 price range. I can find them NIB/ANIB (the original box), again from time to time since this NIB/ANIB/LNIB stuff is drying up fast, for about $200-$300 more.
I get the nod for worst grammar in this thread for sure :).
Hear ya go. Don't get mad now!

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Yea Josh there was a little bad grammar on the pic but I didn't write it. I got it off of the S&W forum. Don't shoot the messenger lol. Maybe I should've used this one :p

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Speaking of Cobras, in case anyone's interested there's a couple for sale online in the Seattle area. Both are long-butt models, one for $480 on and the other for $400 on armslist seattle. Neither is "mint" but then again they're not priced as such.
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