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New here to this site and was wondering which catergory to pose questions about value of collectible firearms??

I have a
1900 Colt 38 calibre
(-Automatic Colt Calibre 38 Rimless Smokeless
Serial Number: 1285
INTACT safety
"Patented April 20,1897")
This is one of the oldest models manufactured...somewhere around 1900 is what the serial # tells us.

Does anyone have info to about
1.what these guns trade for at shows? The value?
2. and if it is better to replace a damaged 'grip' before trying to sell it...even if the grips (original) are very costly?

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Condition determines value. A stock panel damaged to the point of needing replacement will hurt the value greatly. Replacing it with a correct one would help, but where would you find an original replacement, and then one that would match the other panel? If you can do that, I would like to have you buy a lottery ticket for me.

There are too many unknown variables to give an estimate of value.
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