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I bought a Colt 2nd generation 1851 Navy in 1982, new in the box. I've put perhaps 1,500 balls through it over the years.
Does Colt repair these black powder reissue guns?
I know that the parts were made by Uberti, then shipped to Colt for final assembly.
Recently, the wedge that holds the barrel to the frame has become too loose.
Not loose, per se, but it should be much tighter than it is now.
I've had to remove the wedge retaining screw, that goes into the side of the frame above the wedge, in order to tap the wedge in far enough to bring the barrel and frame tightly together.
I should add that I have found the best accuracy with the barrel wedged tightly to the barrel.
My practice is to tap the wedge in until the cylinder begins to rub very slightly against the rear of the barrel, then tap it out lightly until it moves freely again.
Yes, I could put in a replacement wedge but the original wedge has the serial number stamped in it. To preserve its originality, I'd like to have the same wedge used in its repair.
I seem to recall reading that many years ago, before the reproductions became available, it was common to find old Colts with wedges that were loose.
The remedy was:
1. Cut a slightly wider slot in the frame and cylinder pin slot and use a wider wedge.
2. Weld a small amount of steel inside the cylinder pin slot, so the wedge's tightness is preferred.
3. Smack the wedge with a hammer against an anvil to widen it a bit, so it fits tighter in the frame.
If Colt no longer provides gunsmithing service for this model, do you know of anyone in the inner West (Salt Lake City or Denver) area that has experience doing such work.
Understandably, I don't want my 1851 Navy to be worked on by someone unfamiliar with its pecularities.
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