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Colt 1878 DA 2nd year production

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Snagged this on GB awhile back. Made in 1879. Factory letter has been ordered. A couple of neat things going for it. It has the Hartford/London barrel address but has no British Proofs. Caliber is .45lc. 1st style (non-serrated nut) fat wood grips on the oversize grip frame. Not in pristine condition, probably 40%-50% or less with tight action and excellent bore. Thanks.

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This is certainly a post from long ago, but I thought I would add, as a long time student of the Model 1878s, that Colt made this model with the hopes of large sales to Britain, and so made a good many of the first run in .45B caliber, expecting to ship them to fill orders in Britain, but when those orders didn't materialize, Colt bored them to .45Colt caliber and sold them domestically, but left the .45B caliber mark on the triggerguard.
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