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Greetings All

Need some help with a 1878 Colt I just purchased. I would be glad to post a picture but just can't get it to work. Anyhow, the pistol appears to be a Philliapine Model of the 1878 except for the fact that it is NOT U.S. marked or have a large trigger Guard.

The pistol has everything that a Philliapine Model should have. The serial # 48965 is 1902, barrel length is 6" and inspectors mark "R.A.C" on left side and "P' on underside of barrel, .45 cal AND a "super" strong hammer and trigger pull. Must be doubble the pull strength. Also the Barrel is marked with a one line address

The Hammer slot is marked with a "." above the firing pin hole and "1"with a sideways "K" below the hole.

When I removed the Grips there was another set of Numbers "5769" at the bottom of the grip frame. The cylinder of the pistol is also marked "R.A.C." and the same numbers--"5769". It may also have a "C" or "O" --just can't tell.

So any ideas as to what I have here? Did Colt make a small trigger guard model or a commerical model 1878 with a 6" barrel and marked "R.A.C."?

THANKS ahead of time Guy's

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On page 401 of Wilkerson's 'Colt's Double-Action Revolver Model of 1878' it talks about civilian revolvers in this # range with overrun military components. This sounds like and very well could be what you have (small triggergaurds, 2 sets of serial #'s, RAC cylinders, etc.)
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