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Hello, I am new to this board. I thought I would try to glean some information from some of the experts on this board.

I am trying to figure out what I have. I recently inherited a Colt Single Action. Here are some details.
Colt SAA
Caliber .44-40
appears to be the civilian model.
serial number is around 60000, can't remember the number, the pistol is at home. I can reply with the exact number if that helps.
7 1/2 inch barrel
original wood grips
black powder
very little pitting, original finish looks in very good to excellent condition
i can post pictures if i can on this site.
i think it was built in 1881

any idea what the pistol is worth? i think it is probably in the $2500-$4000 range. any other information i should be aware of?

thanks for any help.


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In that serial number range you may have a 1st Generation blackpowder frame SAA. If only half of what you describe proves to be true, it COULD be worth in the $8000-$20000 range, who knows. My suggestion is to find yourself an SAA expert appraisor and find out what it is really worth. If that piece is as fine as you describe, I doubt anyone can give you an accurate appraisal over the internet without physically seeing the gun. Anything else would just be a SWAG.


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